Thugs of Hindostan Box Office Collection Prediction, Review, Hit or Flop?

Thugs of Hindostan Box Office Collection, LOGO, Thugs of Hindostan Release Date 2018, Trailer Download. Thugs of Hindostan Movie Full Star Casts & Crew, Thugs of Hindostan will Hit or Flop? Thugs of Hindostan Box Office Collection Prediction, World Wide Total Collection, Thugs of Hindostan Movie Reviews & Ratings. With the release of the amazing Thugs of Hindustan Logo, the maker made a strong statement that Thugs of Hindostan Box Office Collection is going to be huge.

Thugs of Hindostan Movie Box Office Collection

With many huge box office hits in 2018, Bollywood is planning to end the year with a bang with the release of the epic action-adventure movie Thugs of Hindostan. This movie is directed by super hit movie Dhoom 3 director Vijay Krishna Acharya. The movie is been made under the Yash Raj Banners and as is usual, many big names are attached to it. So, let’s find out about the facts about the movie like Thugs of Hindostan Movie Total Budget, Thugs of Hindostan First Day Box Office Collection, Thugs of Hindostan Release Date and others.

Story Line of the movie

The story of the movie is inspired by the famous novel by Philip Meadow Taylor’s Confession of a Thug which was released in 1839. It was one of the best-selling crime novels of the 19th century. The novel became so popular that the word “Thug” got established in the English language.

This will be the first movie of Bollywood which brought two of the biggest names together. Yes, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan will be together for the first time in a movie. One is the Megastar of the Bollywood and the other one is the Mr. Perfectionist and thus, people are expecting that this movie is going to shatter many records in the Box Office.

Thugs of Hindostan Full Start Cast & Crew

As the movie is made under the banner of Yash Raj Films, you can easily predict that it is going to have some big names. The movie is one of the most expensive movies made under the banner and thus there is a huge hype about the Thugs of Hindustan Box Office Prediction.

As the star cast is concerned, it has got the name of some of the biggest and talented stars. The list includes: –

  • Amitabh Bachchan as Khudabaksh, the Commander of the Thugs
  • Aamir Khan as Firangi
  • Katrina Kaif as Suraiyya
  • Fatima Sana Shaikh from the movie Dangal as Zafira
  • Ronit Roy
  • Satyadev Kancharana
  • Abdul Qadir Amin

Thugs of Hindostan Box Office Collection

As per the predictions of the experts, the Thugs of Hindostan World Wide Collection is going to cross the 500 Crore marks in the first month only. The movie is releasing during the occasion of Diwali which is a great and lucky date for the Bollywood movies. Over 85% of the movies released during Diwali have been a success at the box office.

As the movie to be released, so the Box Office Collection of Thugs of Hindostan in First Week 2018 is yet to be declared. Keep watching this website and we will keep you updated.

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Logo Release of Thugs of Hindostan Movie

The Thugs of Hindustan Logo was released on Monday, 17th September 2018 on YouTube in the Yash Raj Channel. You can watch the video from the below link: –

Within a day of release of the Logo, it has got around 2 millions of views. So, with this, you can easily predict the popularity of the movie. Some are also predicting that the Thugs of Hindostan World Wide Collection may break the record of Bahubali 2- The Conclusion.

After the launch of the Thugs of Hindustan Logo, all are eagerly waiting for the Thugs of Hindostan Trailer Download.

What are the Thugs of Hindustan Box Office Prediction?

8th November 2018 is the Thugs of Hindostan Release Date. The movie will be releasing during the eve of Diwali and thus, it can be easily predicted that the movie is going to be a huge success in the box office.

The movie will be released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu with 3D and IMAX format. Releasing the movie in regional language will help to attract a more regional crowd to the theatre. Nowadays, most of the movies from both Bollywood and South India release their movies in different languages. This helps the audience to get connected with the movie. Bahubali Franchisee is one of the best examples of the same.

Thugs of Hindostan Box Office Collection

Thugs of Hindustan Box Office Collection Prediction is yet to come out. Our expert predicts the total worldwide collection of Thugs of Hindostan movie will be around 500 crores including overseas.

Thugs of Hindustan Box Office Collection Prediction Factors

Both the part of Bahubali was released in different regional languages and the result is a history. It became one of the biggest grossing Indian movies. So, we are also expecting the same from Thugs of Hindostan.

As the movie is a Diwali release, there is no doubt that it will get a huge opening and will recover the cost within a few weeks. The only concern for the Thugs of Hindostan Box Office Collection is the release of 2.0.

Thugs of Hindostan will Hit or Flop?

2.0 or Robot 2 starring Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar will be releasing on 29th November 2018. This movie is a science fiction and the sequel of the first part Robot. It is also one of the most awaited movies and it has got great graphics and is one of the most expensive movies in the Indian Cinema. It has been made on a budget of over 500 crores.

Thus, the release of 2.0 is definitely going to put few brakes on the popularity of Thus of Hindustan, although it is getting 3 weeks of time which is enough to be a blockbuster, still, long run in the theatres will be cut short by the release of 2.0

After the 1st day of release of Thugs of Hindostan, it will be decided that it will be cross 1000 Corore Club or not!

Thugs of Hindostan World Wide Collection

Thugs of Hindustan will be released at over 4500 screens with more than 20,500 shows daily. We all know that Diwali release is always lucky for the Bollywood movies. Since 2010, it has happened six times in the eight years that the movie has broken the record of the previous highest single day collection. The result is better every time a movie starring the Khans is released.

So, it is also expected that the movie Thugs of Hindostan First Day Collection is going to rock the cash register of the theatres in the opening few days of the releases and if the movie is not surprisingly under expectations, the cash register will keep on ticking for a long time.

Till now, Ranbir Kapoor starred Sanju holds the record of highest opening day collection. It earned Rs 46.71 crores in the opening day. Even as the Diwali releases are usually a huge hit, but the collections are not usually good during the day shows. It picks up the flow during the evening show, still, experts are anticipating that Thugs of Hindostan will cross 50 crores mark on the first day only.

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Thugs of Hindostan Movie Total Budget, Costs

This movie is made on a budget of around 3 Billion INR. Yash Raj last high budget release was Tiger Zinda Hain in 2017 which made with a budget of around Rs 210 Crores and earned Rs 589 Crore.

So, with the Thugs of Hindostan Movie Total Budget of 300 Crores, you can expect Thugs of Hindostan earning at least 700 Crores. The collection may cross over 1000 crores if the movie doesn’t dissatisfy the expectation of the viewers. The release of 2.0 later in the month may be a concern in the collection, but still, of the movie is good, it can easily earn over 1000 crores.

Can Thugs of Hindostan Beat Bahubali’s Collection Record

Thugs of Hindustan brought the two biggest names of Bollywood together, i.e. Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. It is the first time that these two stars are cast together. Both of the movies are period movies and made on a huge scale. Thus, it is very common that people are comparing the two movies.

Till the release, it will be very difficult to say whether Thugs of Hindostan can beat Bahubali in the box office as the later has earned over 1700 crores as a worldwide collection. This number is huge and it may be a bit difficult to say.

The biggest concern from Thugs of Hindostan will be the release of 2.0 later in the month. This release will definitely affect the box office collection of the movie as it has also got a great star cast along with great CGI effects.

2.0 is going to release on 29th November, thus, Thugs of Hindostan has got a total of 21 days to match the collection of Bahuballi, which seems a bit difficult. Still, it is expected that the movie will cross 500 crores mark within the first 3 weeks unless the movie is not turned into the biggest disappointment.

Thugs of Hindostan Movie Story

The novel “Confession of a Thug” is the inspiration behind the movie Thugs of Hindostan. The novel was itself a huge hit in the 19th century. As per the Novel, the story is about a fictional anti-hero protagonist Ameer Ali. The book tells the story of crime and retribution in India during the 18th century and the end of 1832.

The story is about the Thugs who murders travelers for their valuables and money. Ameer Ali portrays the role of Pathan who was adopted and raised by a thug. As expected, Aamir Khan is going to play the role of Ameer Ali in the movie.

There are many other characters in the novel; however, you may find many changes and new inclusion of the names in the movie.

Thugs of Hindostan Official Trailer Download

The trailer of the movie is not yet released. The makers have released only the Logo of the movie and it became an instant hit on the social media site YouTube. Below is the link for the video:-

The Thugs of Hindostan Trailer Download is highly waited by the fans and it is expecting that it will be released soon as the release date is nearby. As a promotional campaign, the makers have released the motion posters of the few characters of the movie like: –

Amitabh Bachchan as Khudabaksh, the Commander of the Thugs

  • Amitabh Bachchan as Khudabaksh, views over half a million, Video link: –

  • Lloyd Qwen as Jhon Clive, views over half a million, Video link: –

Fatima Sana Shaikh from the movie Dangal as Zafira

  • Fatima Sana Shaikh as Zafira, views over 1.5 million views, Video link: –

Katrina Kaif as Suraiyya

  • Katrina Kaif as Suraiyya, views of 2 million, video link: –

  • Aamir Khan as Firangi, Motion Poster Video link:-

All of the motion posters look amazing and reveals a bit of the character. This is a great way of promotion of the movie. All the videos got millions of view on YouTube within a few days of the release. This proves the popularity of the movie among the fans.

The makers of the movie have, however, kept their one of the main cards under the wrap which is Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan is playing the role of Azad in the movie and to sustain the suspense, the motion poster of Aamir Khan is not yet released. This is a great strategy as Aamir Khan has got a huge fan following and the delay will definitely keep the fans anticipating and waiting for the releases.

As per the latest updated, the Thugs of Hindostan Trailer Download will be available from 27th September 2018. The complete and final trailer of the movie will be released on 27th September on YouTube under the Yash Raj channel. So, stay tuned for the release of the thrilling trailer.

Thugs of Hindustan Movie Reviews & Ratings

The movie is based on the popular novel Confession of a Thug by Philip Meadow Taylor in 1839. The movie has got a very attractive star cast. The movie is made on a huge budget and it is one of the expensive movies made under the Yash Raj banners. Along with the great star cast, the movie has got a great story and amazing action sequences too. As per sources, you can experience Pirates of the Caribbean like sea fights sequences in the movie.

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Aamir Khan is known as the Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood and that is why he has left no table unturned to make the movie a masterpiece. Even as he is not directing the movie, he has led many amazing contributions in the making.

Manush Nandan is the cinematographer of the movie and he has given many amazing movies to the Bollywood and even in the Tamil Film Industry. So, you can expect another addition of a masterpiece in the collection of the best movies. Since the last few years, the filmmaking in Bollywood has experienced a vast change. People are now not afraid of experimenting and which has yielded a very positive response from the public.  So, you can expect a masterpiece this Diwali.

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