Thugs of Hindostan Total Budget in Rupees & Production Cost

By | October 13, 2018

Thugs of Hindostan Total Budget in Rupees. Whats is Thugs of Hindustan Movie Budget in INR & Production Cost. Thugs of Hindostan Budget already crossed the Rs 3 Billion mark. The heavy star cast and VFX made it one of the most expensive Bollywood movies of the recent times.

Thugs of Hindostan Budget in INR

“Thugs of Hindostan” has become one of the most awaited Bollywood movies in India. With the team of the great actors and technicians, it is expected to provide a great visual experience to the viewers. Produced by Aditya Chopra, the Thugs of Hindostan Total Budget is the highest amount spent by the Yash Rah Films and is also the most expensive Bollywood movie. However, there have been movies made with a higher budget than this, but they were made in the south, not in Bollywood.

The story of the movie is based on the 19th Centuries best-selling crime novel “Confession of a Thug” by Philip Meadow Taylor in 1839. It became the most influential novel based on India and even Queen Victoria was among the avid readers of the novel.

The novel became so popular that the word “Thug” got established as a word in the English language. The popularity of the novel is the reason behind making the movie based on the same.

Thugs of Hindustan Movie Produced on a budget of ₹300 crore (US$42 million).

Thugs of Hindostan Movie Total Budget in Rupees

The movie has got some of the most popular names as the star cast and technicians. To provide the best cinematic experience, modern technologies have been used to shoot the action sequences and the best VFX.

Nothing was compromised even in the selection of the starts for the movie. Some of the biggest names were roped to play the leading roles in the movie and best technicians were used for the VFX scenes to ensure the best experience.

Thugs of Hindustan Movie Total Budget in INR

The movie is going to be released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu and in 3D and IMAX formats across the world. The dubbing in the native language will allow the movie to get connected with the local audiences.

The action sequence which you can see in the trailer video looks much similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Advanced VFX has been used to make the scenes more realistic and amazing. The fight sequence in the sea is definitely the first of its own in Bollywood movies.

Thus, notable has been left unturned to make the movie a one of the best in recent times and that is why the budget of the same crossed the limits.

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The actual Production cost of making this movie

The actual budget of the movie was Rs 900 million, however, it got overshot during the filming of the movie. The filming of the movie was done in Malta, Thailand, and Jodhpur. Two whole new ships were constructed for the action sequence and over 1000 workers worked for the same. Along with the same, there have been few delays in the shooting due to injuries and other concerns. These are some of the reasons behind the increased budget of the movie.

The total Thugs of Hindostan Movie Budget in Rupees crossed Rs 3 Billion (USD $ 42 Million) which includes the marketing and promotion of the movie also. This movie has become the most expensive movie of Bollywood till date and the makers have great expectations from the same in the box office.

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